Legally Armed 2-Window ID Pouch

How many times have you been asked to show your Drivers License or CCW ID?  When you do this, do you have reach into your pants pocket to get your Drivers License or CCW ID?  Most people will say yes.  Now, there is a product that will allow you to keep your hands in plain view while you get your Drivers License or CCW ID.
Legally Armed 2-Window ID Pouch


Legally Armed 2-Window ID Pouch


NOTE:  With every 2-Window ID Pouch ordered after March 1, 2013, there is a blue reflector inside the top plastic pocket.  This is used when you want to be identified IMMEDIATELY in low light or at night.


Here is what this reflector looks like at 2 am in a dark location when a light is shined on it:


This reflector is a great addition for anyone who is authorized to carry a Lethal Weapon and wants to be identified IMMEDIATELY!


In addition to the 2 plastic pockets, there are 2 additional pockets behind them.
This totals four (4) pockets you can keep other cards or more id.

We provide these with every purchase:
These cards will help you if your are:
  • Hurt (medical card),
  • Your weapon was stolen (weapon data card),
  • You were involved in a self-defense incident but, you don't want to make a statement (L.E.O. Card).



Fill them out, then keep them in your I.D. Pouch ™.

You have been authorized to carry  a Lethal Weapon.  Don't you think you should do everything you can, to keep yourself out of harms way?  Being able to show your CCW Permit when you want without having to reach all over the place to get your CCW ID.  Most males keep their CCW ID in their wallet, and most females keep it in their purse.  Both locations require moves to the pant pocket, or digging into a purse.  Keep this ID Pouch on your belt (males), or clip it onto your purse strap (females).

100% Leather, & USA Made by U.S. Military Vets.

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